Ciara (winterberries) wrote,

God, I hate doing this, and yet

Every time I do LJ Idol, I swear to myself I'm not going to pimp for votes. I tell myself, look, you'll get as far as you get on your own skill and appeal, and then when you get kicked you'll know it was fair.*

This all sounds very nice and mature and all. And then I write my Week Two post, and as the votes tally it turns out that I am in last place by a decent margin and am very likely to get kicked this week. The first week that anyone is being eliminated. Right now it is looking like I will be the very first one to go.

I am not sure how to describe quite how pathetic this makes me feel, but let's just say the prospect is not making me very happy.

So, basically, if you liked Annabelle's Story this week and would like to see me stay around for another week to write about another teenager from Annabelle's town whose story intertwines with Annabelle's in some way, I would love you to the moon and back if you voted for me in the poll. That in itself is complicated this week because Gary decided to make it a community-only vote, so if you're not in the LJ Idol community, you have to join in order to vote. (Joining doesn't mean you have to do anything wrt the competition; it just allows you access to community-only polls.)

Therefore, if you are not in therealljidol community but would like to throw a vote my way, you go to the community profile, hit Join, hit whatever confirmation button they make you hit on the next screen, and then go back to the Week Two Tribe 8 poll and vote for winterberries, down near the bottom. (I think part of why I am getting so few votes, honestly, is that I submitted my post very late, so a lot of people may not have even gotten around to reading it, and then my name is alphabetically so close to the bottom that it's especially easy to miss. This is what I tell myself, anyway.)

Anyway, if you are already in the community, the link is the same as above: vote here.

I hope I get to hang around for another week, anyway. I like this competition/writing project. I don't want to be the first one to go home.

*The stupid part is that I do know that fairness doesn't really enter into it, because almost all the participants do at least post to their journal reminding/asking people to vote for them. But my head is still stubborn in saying I shouldn't do that myself. I do not know why.

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